Knowing how to deal with a narcissistic person in your relationships is an essential skill and it can be very difficult because a narcissists behaviors are usually camouflaged very successfully as they pursue their obsessive interest in themselves, often by means of deception, pretense and the emotional abuse of their partners, children, coworkers and others.

Most of us, with our more normal personalities, enter into any relationship hoping for a healthy, supportive, giving partnership where there is lots of mutual understanding, respect, and long lasting fulfillment.

Given two emotionally stable, healthy people who are truly committed to, and who are willing to invest in each other, this desirable outcome is very possible even when a narcissist is involved, but it does require a good base of knowledge as a starting point.

This article will provide a starting point and also point you in the direction of the very best resources internationally about narcissistic personality disorder treatment and help. With the comprehensive followup support services I will recommend you will be able to build on this introductory information and gain support for yourself or your narcissistic other. In doing so you will bring much greater harmony into the relationship and reduce the emotional abuse being suffered through your exposure to a narcissist.

Often times it feels like a narcissists behavior makes the possibility of a rewarding relationship seem almost impossible. It often feels as if no amount of effort seems to change anything for the better and that the narcissists actions consistently seems hurtful, bewildering, emotionally draining, and seriously draining on the confidence and self esteem of all the people around them.

The good news is that, with commitment and great narcissistic personality disorder help and support, many people have gone on to build long-lasting and rewarding relationships with their narcissistic abuser. The secret is persistence and applied knowledge. 

How To Deal With Narcissistic People - A Psychologist Explains Narcissism And It's Effects On Others.  

Certain people are psychologically "hard wired" in such a way that close a personal relationship becomes very problematic. Therefore please take the time today to begin to learn how to deal with a narcissist. Dr. Art Bowler is a licensed psychologist with a boutique practice in New York City  





How To Deal With Narcissistic People - Know The Signs.

Here are the seven most common signs of narcissism.
1. He or she displays a lack of empathy. As you spend more time investing in a narcissist, you may notice that he / she seems unable to put him / herself in someone else's place emotionally. This often leads to callous and self serving behaviors. Sometimes dangerous behaviors.

2. A narcissistic personality will often show a willingness to exploit other people. You may well see they have few qualms about stepping on other people if it benefits him / her.

3. Idealized thinking is a prevalent theme. A narcissistic might put others, including you, on a pedestal, only to completely discard or describe you as worthless further down the track. He or she often fantasizes about the perfect love, beauty, or power, and feels he / she has a right to it.

4. Having a grandiose sense of self worth is a very common pattern. Your narcissist might exaggerate his or her accomplishments and expect to associate with other 'high level' people. This most often leads to feelings of superiority, a haughty attitude and / or excessive expectations.

5. A narcissistic personality often will exhibit an excessive sense of entitlement. He or she may feel as if preferential treatment ought to come her / his way as of right.

6. A narcissist will most often will crave admiration and praise to the point that it becomes almost like a drug. This drug has been termed 'narcissistic supply' and the narcissist most often goes to excessive lengths to obtain it.

7. He or she often may be very jealous of the accomplishments of others, and even become angry at the successes of others who then take the focus away from her or him.

How To Deal With Narcissistic People - Learn How To Protect Yourself.  
In order to protect yourself from a person like this, use the signs of narcissism listed in this article to help you see whether someone in your life may be narcissistic.

Then you need to do whatever you have to do in order to protect yourself from being a victim of this person and their insanity.

Read and educate yourself as much as you can. It's very important to learn how to deal with a narcissist! Then take the vital steps necessary to protect yourself and your children (if they are affected).

Sometimes this means getting completely away from these people all together, and sometimes you can have milder but more distant contact.

The most important thing to remember in dealing with a narcissistic person is that it is them who has the problem, not you.

The Experts Recommend: 
All the experienced experts in preventing narcissistic abuse make two vital recommendations:

1) If at all possible, walk away (leave) your narcissistic abuser.

2) If that's not possible due to constraints of your employment, wider family, children or love, you must, repeat must, take advantage of the best support and resources available to learn how to deal with a narcissistic personality, and in doing so discover how to protect yourself from ongoing emotional, mental and sometimes physical harm.

Please take action TODAY to protect yourself. 

How To Deal With Narcissistic People - It's Vital To Learn More. 

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As someone who has also suffered narcissistic abuse I wish you every success, harmony and peace!

  James Richards


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