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 With the ongoing progress in technology, social media and modern internet programming these days.

The so called online dream income business opportunity had to arrive at some point! So what is the ‘dream’ 

To answer that we have to look at some of the challenges that go into trying to create an online income concept that works:

The most common and easily available route to building an online income is through affiliate marketing..  

BUT the challenges that confront those attempting affiliate marketing include:

   1) How to market, or advertise the affiliate business in order to get people to see it..

2) Getting your marketing in front of the RIGHT people - people who have a genuine interest in what you are promoting..  

3) Getting these same people to actually JOIN your business...

4) KEEPING those people IN your business and paying their monthly dues; making product purchases etc.

So that a residual monthly income can be achieved ..

All of the above require huge effort and can take a tremendous amount of time, energy and money before you see any results!

So many people online struggle because they don’t understand or haven’t identified their perfect business partner and their pain points.

Would you like a free training on how you can do this to crush your business? 

Oh and a little secret E-Learning Platform cranking our team Instant commissions. 
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So, in short, the difficulties are:

Spending a great deal of time and money!  

Finding people who are interested! Getting them to join your business!  

Keeping them In your business! 

Growing a monthly residual income that exceeds your outgoings! 

So what would the ‘Dream’ online income opportunity be?

- Well, firstly ‘Finding People’ (and the RIGHT people) -

Think of a company that does laser targeted marketing FOR you and finds your interested prospects FOR YOU as well.

Sounds good so far right!

Next: Think of A company that presents your prospects with an irresistible product!

Plus a ‘Done-For-You’ marketing package that is so attractive it is difficult to pass up.. 


A system that has ‘Built-In’ repetition of the above process, over and over again, bringing you multiple sales and commissions on AUTOPILOT. 

In this scenario your job would purely be to work with the company in any way they advise!

Plus to simply help the automated process along, with minimum effort and maximum return for your buck!

Does this sound like YOUR dream online income opportunity?

(It certainly sounds like mine!).

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I am very pleased to tell you that it DOES!

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Build Your Business locally and internationally.

To Help you build your business online we will be holding regular training's and education presentations and conference type webinars at least 2 days a week, it is very important that you attend these events to learn from the people who are already developing successful business's off and online and to get any questions you need answered.

Although I will keep you informed! Recordings will be available!

That's why taking on board our learning is so important. Plus .. 

If you Need an abundance of leads then look Hurry! 


I have names and emails that have left their name and phone number. In one package I got 5000 U.S.A networkers from a network company that has closed down with name, phone number, emails and rank in company.. I Need to work through them obviously and sharing just helps us all right!

I just cannot contact all of them on my own LOL











Here http://bestonthenet.globalmoneyline.com  

Everyone should try to build an international business, just because you live in one place does not mean you cannot develop a successful international business.

We have developed a simple but highly effective way for you to build an international business all while staying within the parameters of the company terms and conditions.

We strongly advise that you use this system below here now as a tool to help you develop an international business, however it is not compulsory to do so!

N.B. This page was built using a 12 SC account.

So the tool may just be of use to you! Free again to take a look!

To Get Your 12SC Account Now Click The Following Link http://www.12secondcommute.com/rep/BestOnTheNet.html

Once you have created your account above please CLICK HERE to watch our easy to follow tutorial on how to set up your own system step by step.

Setting up your own system the first time should not take more than 30 minutes, if you have any problems please talk to your introducing member that again is me AndyC based here in the U.K.

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