Andy Cummings Based in the U.K. 

Question?. How much per month do you pay to watch channels on your T.V. or P.C.

Infact any device that streams content you may have and use in your household!

It's known that the average cost per month in U.S.A. is $103 to watch T.V. in fact it costs a lot more!

If you take into consideration the different states and charges that need to be added for extra content! 

 Same in U.K. Average cost is around $40 per month and a lot more if you want extra special content channels!

Just read all you see first then decide if $39 per month to watch over 900 channels suits your needs! 

Just a simple no nonsense way to watch T.V. Watch this space for now!

Customer VIPtv Signups:
Business Partner VIPtv & Pro signups:

The trial activation process has been updated.

Send all your trials to /AndysTv to activate their 3-day trials.

N.B. We can give you a voucher code to get a free 3 day trial if interested! 

 But if you want one you need to ask & contact me for a chat first on facebook messenger!

Even email me here asap

Subject line '' T.V. 3 Day Trial Offer '' 

Just do not attempt to join via my site link above!

Take a look by all means but we do need to chat first!

Otherwise to join you will be asked to choose a level of involvement!

Before you get to test the app system T.V. Channel out!  

Watch Here!

Have also created a similar page we all can use for one on one messenger chats!




To start with! We Get $15 paid to us direct off each initial done sale!

But there's a lot more to it than that! Let's Connect ASAP! So I can guide you on your Way!



VIPtv will revolutionize how you access entertainment! 

Access your streaming content through any mobile device, computer, smart tv or VStream Media Center.

SIMULTANEOUS ACCESS! You will get access for 5 devices to be logged in at the same time.

No more fighting over who watches what. CUTS COSTS OVERALL!

Take your entertainment everywhere without the high cost of cable and satellite.


Now you can free yourself from being locked into a contract with a cable or satellite company.

Recommended minimum download speed of 10-12 Mbps 

VIPTV PRO For the more serious T.V. extra income seekers is just $59.95 per month!

Just $15 per week for a new business opportunity!  

**IMPORTANT: You will receive your username and password for your

VIPtv Access within 8 hours of subscribing.

Stream in HD. Pay no activation fees. Movies, TV, International Streams and much, much more!

Receive 20 unique VIPtv 3-Day Trial Subscriptions each month when you purchase this item.

Share them with prospects and turn them from skeptics to believers!

3-Day Trial Instructions and Information:

Provide your prospect with one of your VIPtv 3-Day Trial Access Numbers.

Send them to your site and have them click "Activate your 3-Day Trial Here".

They will first receive an email confirming there request!   

So ask them for an activation code first!

Then within 12 hours another reply will be emailed with access information and instructions!

But only when their trial has been activated.

Once their trial is finished, send them to your website to join.

You will then also receive your Trial Activation Codes upon immediately completion of our order.

Trial Terms: Trial Subscriptions must be used within 90 days.

Trial Access Codes are non-transferable and will not be reissued after use.

Trial Access Codes may not be used more than once.

Additional Note:

Be sure to share with them to give them all the information they need!

So they to can get the best out of their service.

*No commissions will be paid on these purchases. 

Because that alone could easily give you an extra income of 1K to 2K a month but we believe it will be more!

Just need to follow our lead! Only time will tell! Worth a shot! Watch this space! 

N.B. Made for T.V. sets for sure but don't install on T.V. using an amazon type fire stick until you see this video!

It's the latest download information we all need to know!


World Wide

Get your free trial from the person who sent you.

Try before you Buy.

"No Contract" "No Credit Check"

"No Cancellation Fees"

This is brought to you by an

18-year-old company working in a

$2 trillion industry.

Old price of $29.59 changed to current price of $39.00

To allow adding over 300 additional channels plus other feature's.



Here are the list of Business Partners that are in the Freedom Club. If you want to see your name on this list and be financially free, just sponsor 8 and you'll show up on the list!

Brian Jenkins
Terence Courts
Marsha Hadley - Team Diamond!
Lou Gatto
Karl Sabey
AP2 Energy
B. J. Massey
Derrick Williams
After Dark Entertainment
Conrad Williams
Kedric N Simms
Trek & Kim Bryant
Angie Thompson
Anthony Williams
Delfino Sanchez
Joseph Jackson
Wanda White
Nina Ashrafi
Crystal S. Williams
Brian Kimbrough
Twanzell Williams
John Harley
David Whitaker

AP Investing Group
George & Nicole Brandon-T.E.A.M Success
Stan Williams
Cederrick and Dorcill Taylor
NC-Wireless Entertainment
Marissa C Brown
James Lloyd
Media Plus LLC
Melanie Davis
Randy Stevens
TFC Group
Kimberly Beckett
Les Reed
Brenda Bailey
Rita Andrews -(Team BWT)
Earnestine Troupe
Theodore McCann
Dawen Marketing Group
Johnny Mosley - (Team BWT)
Vida Davis
SpencerTaylor Jr
stephon amachee
Rick & Charleen
Stanley Snead
James E Faggart
Terrence Shelton
Ilyasah Simpson
Greg Mitchell
Michelle Gavin

Ava R Tillman
Coach Preston Gaymon
Steven Beckett
Theodis Gamet
Dale Cottrell
nancy rodriguez
Desmond Hinds
Evelyn Serrano Hinds
Kim French
won bennett
Moovie Tyme Distribution Group Inc.
Duane Bostick
Norman Hargrove
VJL Enterprises, LLC
Frank & Renee Black
Dawn Manz LLC
Billie Sanford
H.Enterprises LLC
Zelda DuBose
Paul M Hutchings
Pamela Syphertt
Sylvester Robertson
Bishop Milton Woods
Michael Bates Sr.
Blair Bremner
Jabari Jelani
Karl Reese
Brenda Walton
Issac Morris
Deborah Albright
Nikky Slaughter
devina persaud
Dennis Weston
Ricardo Burns (Team Success)
Craig T Cooper
Professional Marketing Design
FM Club
Kiawa Bynum
Kelvin Nelson
Ronald Reed
Corrie J. Sampson
Charles Scott
Nancy and Mike
Bob Peterson
Robert Hanson
Ambiance Health & Wellness Center - Tracy Boyd
Angelita Upchurch
L. Johnson
Kyree Mitchell
Nathan Garrett
Jaime Lamons
Eric M Harris


Join via phone by dialing 781-448-0189 or listen worldwide online at!

Download your own version of the Webinar Powerpoint!

Webinar Replays

March 3, 2018 - CTA Call February 27, 2018 - High Heels Presentation
February 24, 2018 - CTA Call February 20, 2018 - High Heels Presentation


Learn To Earn 1K to 2K per Month If Not More!


Welcome! To My New Team Info Page.  All about How to earn 1K to 2K a month and a lot more too!

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Plus you agree to being added to our first initial Facebook help group here

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Then obviously it also proves your interest is genuine.

No cost to do that but a lot to see, learn and gain before you decide to take the concept forward or not!

That part is entirely upto you once you feel comfortable with the help and support you will receive!

Believe Me!

No Pressure involved to Find out how best you can proceed from what we will show you! 

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Whether you know me or not! Make the connection with me ASAP!

You will see how to do that if you read on below! 

If you can see the video below! This is the reason why I am involved with Network Marketing!

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Watch and Learn. Then Just Make contact.. Then!

Ask me to add you to our more info secret facebook group and or skype room too!

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Check Us Out Here First Just Click Here To Look   

 With the ongoing progress in technology, social media and modern internet programming these days.

The so called online dream income business opportunity had to arrive at some point! So what is the ‘dream’ 

To answer that we have to look at some of the challenges that go into trying to create an online income concept that works:

The most common and easily available route to building an online income is through affiliate marketing..  

BUT the challenges that confront those attempting affiliate marketing include:

   1) How to market, or advertise the affiliate business in order to get people to see it..

2) Getting your marketing in front of the RIGHT people - people who have a genuine interest in what you are promoting..  

3) Getting these same people to actually JOIN your business...

4) KEEPING those people IN your business and paying their monthly dues; making product purchases etc.

So that a residual monthly income can be achieved ..

All of the above require huge effort and can take a tremendous amount of time, energy and money before you see any results!

So many people online struggle because they don’t understand or haven’t identified their perfect business partner and their pain points.

Would you like a free training on how you can do this to crush your business? 

Oh and a little secret E-Learning Platform cranking our team Instant commissions. 
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So, in short, the difficulties are:

Spending a great deal of time and money!  Finding people who are interested! Getting them to join your business!  

Keeping them In your business! Growing a monthly residual income that exceeds your outgoings! 

So what would the ‘Dream’ online income opportunity be?

- Well, firstly ‘Finding People’ (and the RIGHT people) -

Think of a company that does laser targeted marketing FOR you and finds your interested prospects FOR YOU as well.

Sounds good so far right!

Next: Think of A company that presents your prospects with an irresistible product!

Plus a ‘Done-For-You’ marketing package that is so attractive it is difficult to pass up.. 


A system that has ‘Built-In’ repetition of the above process, over and over again, bringing you multiple sales and commissions on AUTOPILOT. 

In this scenario your job would purely be to work with the company in any way they advise!

Plus to simply help the automated process along, with minimum effort and maximum return for your buck!

Does this sound like YOUR dream online income opportunity?

(It certainly sounds like mine!).

So does such a company exist? Look!

I am very pleased to tell you that it DOES !

See if you agree by listening to the company owner, visiting the company website and viewing all the information available! 

So you are registered on our team mailer. 

You will only receive emails on topics that benefit you, your business and your team.

Your Opt In details are private and will never be used for anything else other than sending you relevant information..

Your Introducing Member

Your introducing members name is me Andy Cummings, Check Me Out HERE

But please ensure you make contact with me as soon as possible so I can be of help to you within your new venture so far.

Make sure you contact me on FACEBOOK HERE as well as

Look for me as ezyntrprise or bestonthenet1 Even try andy.c66 on skype and send me a friend request!

Make contact with me now and "demand" support.

Before your ongoing interest and registration can be completed you will need to talk to me first!

We need to know what level of interest you are looking at to get any remaining questions you may need answers too sorted.


What Happens Next? Remember! No Pressure involved!

Find out how best you can proceed from what we will show you! Then Decide!

Just agree to being added to our first initial help group on FACEBOOK 

If you have any problems or further questions you need answers too just please contact me using the contact details below.

Your Introducing Member Details: Andy Cummings on FACEBOOK HERE  

So add that one plus my Mobile: +44 07581 419081



Build Your Business locally and internationally.

To Help you build your business online we will be holding regular training's and education presentations and conference type webinars at least 2 days a week, it is very important that you attend these events to learn from the people who are already developing successful business's off and online and to get any questions you need answered.

Although I will keep you informed! Recordings will be available!

That's why taking on board our learning is so important. Plus .. 

If you Need an abundance of leads then look Hurry! 
LOOK! ASAP! I ALSO HAVE AND NEED TO SHARE THESE LEADS OUT MENTIONED HERE! I have names and emails that have left their name and phone number. In one package I got 5000 U.S.A networkers from a network company that has closed down with name, phone number, emails and rank in company.. Need to work through them obviously and sharing just helps us all right! Cannot contact all of them on my own LOL










Congratulations to the below Business Partners growing their businesses!

Top Business Partner List

This list shows the Business Partners that have sponsored at least one in the current month.
It is listed in order of the most Subscribers sponsored.

  1. Brian Jenkins (14)
  3. NC-Wireless Entertainment (10)
  4. KEITH D MASON (9)
  5. Kedric N Simms (8)
  6. Lou Gatto (7)
  7. Terence Courts (7)
  8. Anthony Williams (7)
  9. james lawrence (6)
  10. Derrick Williams (6)
  11. James longs (6)
  12. Young Blue (5)
  13. Issac Morris (5)
  14. OZEE ROGERS (5)
  15. Michael Manley (4)
  16. Rovelt Smith (4)
  17. Michael Fikes (4)
  19. Tina Poindexter (3)
  20. MRL (3)
  21. John Harley (3)
  22. Theodore McCann (3)
  23. McKinley R. Briscoe (3)
  24. SpencerTaylor Jr (3)
  25. Edward Thompson (3)
  27. AP Investing Group (3)
  28. Mari John Bamba (3)
  29. Trek & Kim Bryant (3)
  30. AP2 Energy (3)
  31. Cederrick and Dorcill Taylor (2)
  32. Lori Washington (2)
  33. Wyche Marketing (2)
  34. LifeLine Champions LLC (2)
  35. James E Faggart (2)
  36. James C Carter (2)
  37. Kelvin A. Thorpe (2)
  38. MichaLenchy Investments & Sales Group LLC (2)
  39. Kyree Mitchell (2)
  40. shirley bookert (2)
  41. Cheryl Smith (2)
  42. Les Reed (2)
  43. Melvin Crawley (2)
  44. Myron Mikkelsen (2)
  45. Wanda White (2)
  46. jamil phillips (2)
  47. Larry Combs (2)
  48. S.coolcutsthecord (2)
  49. Gloria Dillard (2)
  50. william white (2)
  51. Debra A Williams (2)
  52. nancy rodriguez (2)
  53. Virginia P. Simmons (2)
  54. Loraine Conley (2)
  55. Marcia Wright (2)
  56. Michael B. Hill (2)
  57. Kelli Williams (2)
  58. Martinez Briscoe (2)
  59. Monte Richeson (2)
  60. Melanie Davis (2)
  61. Lenora Rapelyea (2)
  62. AMH Inc. (2)
  63. Irina K King (1)
  64. Ava R Tillman (1)
  65. Walter Applewhite (1)
  66. Rohan Murray (1)
  67. SDM Network (1)
  68. Maurice Williams (1)
  70. Blaine Ratliff (1)
  71. Coach Preston Gaymon (1)
  72. Carl Easley (1)
  73. Tyron Booker (1)
  74. ejhawk (1)
  75. BSB Trust (1)
  76. Tabitha Herbin (1)
  77. David Johnson (1)
  78. SEAN L MONAHAN (1)
  79. Patrick J Kennedy (1)
  81. Landell Hernandez (1)
  82. Mobiletv (1)
  83. Shirquania Pearce (1)
  84. Cynthia Blackman (1)
  85. Clinton Perkins (1)
  86. B. J. Massey (1)
  87. Purnel Jeanpierre (1)
  88. Eugene Moseley (1)
  89. Vanessa Mapp (1)
  90. Angela Spurlock (1)
  91. Fortress Network (1)
  92. Tremayne Cantey (1)
  93. Erick Rice (1)
  94. Dennis Hill (1)
  95. Evelyn Serrano Hinds (1)
  97. Christopher Jones (1)
  98. Walter Thompson (1)
  99. Arthur Hammons (1)
  100. Bridgette Small-Ameyaw (1)
  101. Tyrone Lewis (1)
  102. Evelyn Gresham (1)
  103. Levi Johnson (1)
  104. Stan Williams (1)
  105. Stanley Snead (1)
  106. james e leonard (1)
  108. Aaron Bailey (1)
  109. Brenda Walton (1)
  110. Professional Marketing Design (1)
  111. Carrie M. Booth (1)
  112. David Korman (1)
  113. Ericka McPherson (1)
  114. Ricardo Burns (Team Success) (1)
  115. RAC Fitness (1)
  116. Gail Fletcher (1)
  117. Jason Pearson (1)
  118. Claudette Pascal (1)
  119. Tracy Jackson (1)
  120. Manuel Reyes (1)
  121. Bishop Milton Woods (1)
  122. Duane Bostick (1)
  123. Cherelle Eddleman (1)
  124. Antwanette L Crump (1)
  125. GEORGE Epps jr (1)
  126. Randy Stevens (1)
  127. Theresa S Jones (1)
  128. Joseph A Brown (1)
  129. Arthur Douglas (1)
  131. Juan (1)
  132. Michael Boyles (1)
  133. Firezon Streams (1)
  134. Dennis Rawls Jr (1)
  135. Karl Sabey (1)
  136. KENNETH TATE (1)
  137. Highland (1)
  138. Chelsea McCrea (1)
  139. Rossie Francis (1)
  140. Ruby Swarn (1)
  141. Ronnie Carthan (1)
  142. Jesse Rice (1)
  143. Kamerren Turner (1)
  144. duanecole (1)
  145. Joy Green (1)
  146. John E Slusser (1)
  147. april s grooms (1)
  148. Vaughn W Resper (1)
  149. Dawen Marketing Group (1)
  150. James D Owens (1)
  151. Roosevelt Eaddy (1)
  152. Ronda Tyrone (1)
  153. After Dark Entertainment (1)
  154. Internetnetworkers (1)
  155. Letanya Edwards (1)
  156. Jason Diekmann (1)
  157. James Brown (1)
  158. Christopher R Niles (1)
  159. Dushyant Desai (1)
  160. Ronald Robinson (1)
  161. Harold Caison (1)
  162. Lee Wade (1)
  163. Billie Sanford (1)
  164. Bruce Wesley (1)
  165. James Morgan (1)
  166. Gabriel Woods (1)
  167. Eric Washington (1)
  168. L Yvonne Godley (1)
  169. Sylvester Robertson (1)
  170. Tylando Tucker (1)
  171. Tracy Miller (1)
  172. KIM HAMPTON (1)
  173. John H Mooney (1)
  174. won bennett (1)
  175. Cynthia Colquitt (1)
  176. Francisco J Argain (1)
  177. Virgil Gomez Angling (1)
  178. Gabriel Abreu Jr (1)
  179. Donkiya Robinson-Dailey (1)
  180. Adrienne Williams (1)
  181. Nicholas Moulopoulos (1)
  182. Twanzell Williams (1)
  183. Ronald Reed (1)
  184. John Brown Jr (1)
  185. Kevin & Linda Wiggins - Team Global (1)
  186. GRANT A YOUNG (1)
  187. Edward Williams (1)
  188. Jumah Hashim (1)
  189. Kim French (1)
  190. Yao Stevens (1)
  191. TV33WHPR (1)
  192. HARDIN (1)
  193. Kelvin Nelson (1)
  194. Karl Reese (1)
  195. Kandias Conda (1)
  196. Monica Thomas-Rae (1)
  197. Frazer Lazell (1)

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     See you at the Top     






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